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X-ray crystallography plays a steadily increasing role in fields such as structural chemistry, bioinformatics, nanotechnology, protein engineering, drug design, materials science, the study of gases, liquid crystals, minerals and polymers, and the rapid development and utilization of synchrotron radiation, neutron, and electron diffraction facilities.  The growing interest in crystallography provides a great opportunity for those involved in crystallographic research, equipment or staffing to connect with decision making professionals in the industry.  

Last year the ACA closed the books with over a thousand members in the US and thirty-five other countries.  The Annual Meeting was an incredible success in 2018 with close to seven hundred attendees.  Exhibiting, sponsoring or advertising with the ACA Annual Meeting offers your company direct interaction and exposure to crystallographers and scientists at every career level. 

New this year is the "Our Sponsors" advertisement opportunity.  The meeting homepage is the main source that all attendees access for information on registration, hotel information and session/workshop details.  Ad a custom ad, just ad your logo or invite attendees to stop by your booth!