Room Sharing

Sharing a room with another conference goer can be both socially and financially beneficial.  If you are interested in finding another ACA attendee to share a room with please follow the instructions below.  This service is strictly for facilitating contact between roommates and does not guarantee availability. Once contact is made, attendees will have to coordinate financials and reserve a room directly with the hotel. 


If you wish to be listed as wanting to share a room, please send an email containing your name, institute, email address and gender.  Your name, institute, gender and email address will be posted so that you and/or potential roommates can make direct contact to make room sharing arrangements.  


Once you have found a roommate, please contact us again to let us know, and we will remove your name from the listing.


Name Gender Institution Email
 Nithya Baburajendran  Female  Experimental drug discovery center [email protected]