ACA 2019 Annual Meeting SIG Information

Scientific Interest Groups (SIGs) are a vital part of the ACA and we are excited to offer our SIG's the opportunity to meet. At the annual meeting the SIG's are encouraged to meet and plan for the year ahead:

  • Each SIG is charged with organizing at least one half-day session every two years.
  • Collect and report on candidates for SIG office. 
  • Report on the SIG's status, accomplishments and concerns.   

Being a member of a SIG offers a great opportunity for members to get involved in the ACA at a grass roots level and have a direct impact upon the annual meeting.

The following is a list of the SIG meetings taking place at the ACA Annual Meeting in Covington, Kentucky (which are tentative and subject to change):

SIG Council Meetings & Reports

A representative of the SIG should meet with the Council at the annual meeting and SIG leadership will be contacted directly with a date, time and location of the meeting with council.  An annual report of the SIG activities should be submitted to ACA HQ prior to August 15, 2019.   

With regard to candidates for office, in the report, please make sure to include (1) the candidates name, (2) contact information and (3) photo.   



Please feel free to contact ACA HQ.